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Tokyo Tower

Since Mothra used it to cocoon in 1961, Tokyo Tower has been made famous by about a dozen monsters as their destruction structure of choice. Some torched it, some knocked it down. There was also an incident where a missile accidentally hit it instead of a monster. All have been recorded on film and video.

Why are they attracted to this broadcast tower?

It may have something to do with the construction materials used. When the tower was built in the mid to late 1950s, Japan was far from a rich country. The best source of high-quality steel Japan could find then was scrap metal collected from American tanks used in the Korean War.

Or is it something besides the metal, something older, like the burial mound from pre-historic times right next to the tower?

And then there were the numerous fires, that killed a lot of people, since the very beginning of Tokyo. There were also those that died in the American air raids of World War II.

Do the monsters smell death and destruction? Do they remember what happened, even when we don't?

Monsters love Tokyo Tower

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