Monster Links

English resources

Encyclopedia Mythica
Gigantic online encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion. The site is constantly updated with new articles and features.

Almost everything that's strange and paranormal is mentioned here. Their collection of links is something to see, too.

Japanese Ghosts
A concise and very well written article on Japanese ghosts and monsters by Tim Screech, from the dearly missed magazine, Mangajin.

American Monsters

Energetic site about undiscovered creatures, mythical beasts and unclassified species, with information about pretty much everything. Comes with an active BBS.

The Transformation Story Archive

Huge collection of stories that have at least one bodily transformation as a major plot-point. Some of them are great, some are so-so, but all of them combined, it's a source of endless entertainment. Doesn't seem to have been updated recently, though.


Kidsafe Greek mythology and teacher's resources. This site also has an illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology.

Nagoya TV Ukiyo-e Museum

Bilingual online museum that shows a part of Nagoya TV's vast woodblock print collection. Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's monster images are on display.

Japanese resources

Kaii, Youkai Denshou Deetabeesu

The definitive (well, as definitive as stuff on monsters can be) database from the International Research Center of Japanese Studies. What a collection!

Mizuki Shigeru related sites

We are, like many Japanese monster fans, great admirers of Mizuki Shigeru. The artist was awarded Shiju Hosho Decoration in 1991, Minister of Edcation Award 1996 and Kyo- kujitu Sho Decoration in 2003,for his outstanding achievements and cultural contribution... of drawing monsters.

Mizuki Shigeru Kinenkan

Website of Mizuki Shigeru museum in Sakai-minato, Tottori prefecture. The city is the artist's birthplace, and along with the museum, has a street sprinkled with over 100 bronze statues of his monsters. (See this page to check out the statues.)

Gegege Tuushin

Website of Mizuki Production.

Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Waarudo

Another site by Mizuki Production that looks (as of September 2005) half done and not updated for at least 3 years. But has information on his publication, a brief timeline, as well as other amusing tidbits.

Kaiju & Kaiju Figures related sites

Kaiju Shokugan

Kaiju Awaa

Kaiju Muhou Chitai

Hobbit Web

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